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Social Proof

5 Keys to Successfully Raising Early Stage Capital

Get these 5 Early Stage Capital Raising keys right and the investors will flock. 1) A Great Story When you explain your opportunity to people they should say ‘Wow!, I like that, let me know when you get it moving”. Building an “elevator pitch” is a great discipline as it gets you focussed on building [...]


Easyfood, ASSOB and Jessica Watson

It’s always good when a company that is on ASSOB shares international media attention. Along with lots of other celebrities Paul Grogan, Easyfood Managing Director was interviewed by Channel 10 as Jessica sailed into Sydney Harbour. Congratulations Jessica Watson on becoming youngest person ever to sail solo and unassisted around the world. Well done Easyfood [...]


Using Social Proof to Raise Capital

At last I’ve found a positive video that witnesses the powerful principle “Social Proof” in action. We use Social Proof extensively in the operation of the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform. Watch this video and think about capital raising as you are watching it. Picture the entrepreneur out there first, eager to get others on board. [...]

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