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Small Scale Offering

Diary of an Entrepreneur Raising Capital

Well worth checking out is this Anthill feature at : http://anthillonline.com/author/steve-sherlock/ Steve Sherlock is co-founder of Oodles.com, one of Australia’s leading online car rental aggregators. Through his evaluations of Capital Raising alternatives, valuable lessons are learnt, and communicated. If you want to go directly to the comment on Small Scale Offerings … click here


ASSOB History and Capital Raising

http://assob.s3.amazonaws.com/VideoPlayer.swf Tony Puls the Founder of ASSOB has been fighting the crusade to make it easier for unlisted companies to raise funds easily for a long time. Here is a clip from the archives from 1992!


Preshafoods is no longer capital raising so I can tell you a little about it. A good start is to watch the ABC TV Inside Business show. At the top of the article is the ‘Play video’ button. In this interview Andrew Gibb, Managing Director of Preshafood advises the rational behind listing on ASSOB. The [...]