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Capital Raising event in Melbourne Great Success

A capital raising event held by ASSOB in Melbourne this week was a great success. There is a good article about the event in the Business Spectator. Thanks to Bob Gottliebsen. The main message from ASSOB’s CEO Paul Niederer was that when you invest via the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform 100% of the funds raised [...]


Adapting Investor Presentations to Funders

In the current climate attracting investors is a very competitive undertaking. But there are things you can do to be more competitive. For every business seeking capital there are lots of others with similar risk profiles and opportunity. It also doesn’t make things easier when many investors tend more to the speculator end of the [...]


Investor language raises more capital

Having investment document after investment document passing across my desk each day gives me a good insight into the ones that talk the right language. Investor Language. Most are full of Product or Company Language. This is the language we have traditionally used when we portray our company or products to the market. You know [...]

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