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4) Story Building

Easyfood, ASSOB and Jessica Watson

It’s always good when a company that is on ASSOB shares international media attention. Along with lots of other celebrities Paul Grogan, Easyfood Managing Director was interviewed by Channel 10 as Jessica sailed into Sydney Harbour. Congratulations Jessica Watson on becoming youngest person ever to sail solo and unassisted around the world. Well done Easyfood [...]


Adapting Investor Presentations to Funders

In the current climate attracting investors is a very competitive undertaking. But there are things you can do to be more competitive. For every business seeking capital there are lots of others with similar risk profiles and opportunity. It also doesn’t make things easier when many investors tend more to the speculator end of the [...]


Construct an Avatar for your Niche Investor

If your seeking investment and your investment opportunity is in an attractive niche then building an avatar may increases your chances of receiving venture funding. Couple of definitions first Attractive niche? One that has passionate fans. Examples of attractive niches with fans are: Enhanced Beverages, Special Needs Foods, Biotech and Healthtec, Senior Products and Services, [...]


Crafting an Elevator Pitch to Entice Investors

In Geoffrey A. Moore’s book “Crossing the Chasm” he gave a method for creating an Elevator Pitch for your business. The idea is that you should be able to explain your product or service in the time it takes to ride up in an elevator. It’s the same story when you are seeking capital. If [...]


Investor language raises more capital

Having investment document after investment document passing across my desk each day gives me a good insight into the ones that talk the right language. Investor Language. Most are full of Product or Company Language. This is the language we have traditionally used when we portray our company or products to the market. You know [...]

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When have you needed money before? Think back to when you were a kid and you needed money. First you worked out how much you needed. Then you worked out who your targets were. Maybe Mum or Dad or a relation or perhaps an older brother or sister. You made a plan. You worked out [...]