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Elevator Pitch

Capital Raising event in Melbourne Great Success

A capital raising event held by ASSOB in Melbourne this week was a great success. There is a good article about the event in the Business Spectator. Thanks to Bob Gottliebsen. The main message from ASSOB’s CEO Paul Niederer was that when you invest via the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform 100% of the funds raised [...]


Intrigue and Capital Raising

In Oren Klaff’s excellent new book on capital raising called “Pitch Anything” he uses the acronym STRONG to simplify his process. He has used this process year after year in deal after deal with executives from Bear Stearns, Boeing, Disney, Honda, LinkedIn, Texas Instruments and Yamaha. The book also has a generous serving of neuroscience [...]


5 Keys to Successfully Raising Early Stage Capital

Get these 5 Early Stage Capital Raising keys right and the investors will flock. 1) A Great Story When you explain your opportunity to people they should say ‘Wow!, I like that, let me know when you get it moving”. Building an “elevator pitch” is a great discipline as it gets you focussed on building [...]


How you can start now to raise the capital you need

  You can start today! We’ve found that those who have raised capital on the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform (over 200) work hard to score 10 out of 10 on each of the following so that they can raise the capital they require. 1) Develop a convincing and compelling story. When someone asks you what [...]


Are you Investor Ready?

Are you Investor Ready? You could answer, well it depends on who is investing! However there are some basic guidelines that can assist you in checking how investor ready you are. An investor needs to be certain they are getting exactly what they are expecting for the money they are investing. They need to be [...]


Crafting an Elevator Pitch to Entice Investors

In Geoffrey A. Moore’s book “Crossing the Chasm” he gave a method for creating an Elevator Pitch for your business. The idea is that you should be able to explain your product or service in the time it takes to ride up in an elevator. It’s the same story when you are seeking capital. If [...]