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Did you realise the majority of funds invested by individuals or your super fund don’t actually create jobs or foster innovation? Reason being is that the majority of investors buy shares from individuals in preference to investing funds directly into the actual entity. Why the preference? Most people prefer to buy and sell shares on [...]


Ethical Investment and Small Business Investing

This week I shared the stage with the Green Leader Bob Brown at the 10th Australian Sustainability Awards. Ethical Investment was why everyone was there apart from the excellent menu which featured organically grown fare. Paddy Manning a journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald reported well on it, picking up on my phrase “It takes [...]


Two years ago we added Product Launch Formula to the ASSOB Raising Capital Platform. The results are clear to be seen. Two years ago some matters listed on the platform raised no capital at all. Now if you look at the ASSOB platform virtually every matter has raised capital. This has enabled ASSOB to have [...]


Success leaves clues! While not the definitive guide to raising capital these 16 steps certainly include raising capital secrets that have been learnt the hard way. I’ve split the 16 SME raising capital steps in two … How to make your capital raising a high quality one … and How to market your capital raising. [...]

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