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Zach Braff’s Crowdfunding insights valuable to all raising funds

English: Zach Braff at the 2010 Toronto Intern...

The Zach Braff crowdfunding video below is valuable if you are thinking of raising funds.

Zach Braff explains that successfully raising funds is a journey that often started long ago and is a result of regularly communicating with the people that choose to share your journey. Accumulating one million twitter fans doesn\’t happen overnight. Neither does creating something for them to be passionate about.

“Use them or lose them” is a loaded term but if you dont continually engage with your friends, family fans and followers by sharing updates in your area of passion like Zach Braff has done for ten years or so they will not be around when it is time for you to run your own crowdfunding campaign.

Some of the takeaways are as follows:

– Contributors gain meaning by supporting innovation and artists / creators they appreciate
– Web savy people see a raise wasnt an overnight success and the story and followers have been building for years
– People who follow Zach Braff know he continually engages his fans and followers
– This includes reading and responding to Twitter comments not just continually broadcasting crap
– Communications need to be a conversation not “check out my new makeup”
– Its not a monologue its a conversation and Zachs began engaging followers way back in the MySpace days
– Zach\’s been building followers for years through social media and had a blog back in 2004 for Garden State
– People are more isolated now in this age of social media
– In our lives, our work and our leisure there is less and less physical interaction with people
– Zach would have an equity raise in a second but he cant legally do that yet


Hundreds, if not thousands of hours have preceded Zach Braff\’s successful raise. Just as he has created his fan base and built his profile, those raising funds need to do the same. They need to build a profile or story for their entity, plus build a good team and engage with all their followers.

Long before the site goes live for the collection of contributions they need to ensure that significant time has been invested to ensure that there is energy, engagement and credibility in the raise.



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