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Capital Raising. Finding Prospective Investors and Engaging them

storyTeamFollowersThe capital raising seminar presented by Paul Niederer has been updated as a result of recent speaking engagements in Europe to reflect the latest trends in raising seed capital and growth capital.

The finding investors seminar being held in Sydney on Wednesday afternoon and Melbourne on Friday afternoon is for start up and growth companies looking to raise seed capital or growth capital to expand their business.

The following areas will be covered:

  • An outline of the lessons to be learnt from 5 recent successful raises on the ASSOB platform
  • Getting investor ready
  • Three methods to lift the attractiveness of your business to investors
  • Two detailed case studies of successful raises
  • A look at the strategies for both emotional and rational investors
  • A workbook with forms to get you started on your capital raising straight away

Over $129 million dollars has been raised for over 200 companies on the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform.

Between $85,000 and $3.5 million per company.

2100 seperate investors from capital raisings to date.

It is a proven capital raising platfrom that you can easily and affordably use.

You may be surprised to learn that there are many people that want to invest in growth companies, startups and promising ideas.

The ASSOB Capital Raising Platform is:

  • Proven to raise capital
  • Helps you spread the word about your idea or business potential
  • Facilitates introductions to crowds of investor and business mentors
  • Get people excited
  • Allow ordinary people to invest
  • Investors can cash out
Here is a recent testimonial:

“Please be assured that we would be prepared to recommend ASSOB to any company seeking to raise seed capital should they be seeking some form of 3rd party endorsement. Our experience has been excellent and we have achieved the objectives that we 1st sought”. – Iron Glen Holdings Limited

Many businesses have exited the ASSOB platform to good outcomes after raising between $500,000 and several million dollars.

The seminar presenter Paul Niederer manages the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform.

Recently Paul was named in the Top Ten of the World’s Most Influential in Equity Crowdfunding by the Ven Report. This year Paul has speaking engagements already locked in in Australia, Singapore, Holland and the U.S.A.

Being one of the world’s leading authorities on raising capital with a proven equity funding platform Paul is a sought after presenter especially with the present passage of the Jobs Act and it’s investor crowdfunding provisions in the U.S.A.

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is a unique Capital Raising and Listing Platform for Unlisted Companies and small businesses. As CEO Paul leads a team that shepherds businesses through an ordinarily complex and frustrating Capital Raising Process with efficiency and effectiveness.

Some more testimonials …
“The capital raising seminar from ASSOB I attended was very motivating and inspirational. I was surprised to hear ASSOB for the first time and to find out that ASSOB has been in existence for quite some time. I see it as the only bridge to very early stage financing to date, not only in Australia but probably world-wide”. – V.Ilag.

“Thank you again for a very informative session – it is quite a discovery that a funding vehicle like this exists in Australia. – D.M., miniFAB Victoria

“Your presentation was excellent, and greatly appreciated, especially your understanding of social proof! It is exciting. Thank you for sharing.” K.S. Newcastle



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