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Crowdfunding and the Art of Asking

Is what you are crowdfunding your art or your shame?

Many people raising funds for their business get the feeling that approaching or attracting friends, family, fans and followers is a bit like asking them to consider a multi-level marketing opportunity.

In the video below Amanda Palmer (chillingly) differentiates between the two and explains why you need to strip bare and offer your art and yourself to your friends, family, fans and followers. The value is up to them to determine.

There is a wonderful numerical contrast in this video.

  1. The record company for Amanda Palmers previous album considered 25,000 sales a failure
  2. The Kickstarter campaign for her present album attracted a similar number of “followers” and was a resounding success

If we go forward a decade or so maybe pricing of goods will always be determined by the followers.

If you are raising capital at the moment through traditional means, ASSOB or Crowdfunding, sit back after watching this empowering and insightful video and consider if you are truly communicating the wonder of you and your team and the artistic beauty you want people to invest in.

Don\’t assume that people can see the value of you and your team. If you can connect with your friends, family, fans and followers like Amanda Palmer does you will have no problems raising the sum you are seeking, and you may get a lot more than you “bargained” for.

It is a new world out there. The old paradigm of your company being hawked around by intermediaries is rapidly dissapearing. People want to connect with you the artist.

Watch now how Amanda Palmer takes you from a sceptic to a convert!

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