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ASSOB Funding Portal features in Crowdfunding Industry Research.

ASSOB‘s Funding Portal features in Equity Crowdfunding Industry Research project announced in Forbes Magazine. Carl Esposti and Sr. Analyst Gerrit Ahlers among other things has the following to say about the ASSOB process and track record.

  1. To find out how it would work we need to look in places where equity funding is already operational.
  2. They are following the ASSOB platform as an proven funding portal.
  3. They like the fact that there is around six years of data supporting it.
  4. ASSOB has funded 176 companies to date.
  5. About a third have exited through trade sales and around 2ix percent have listed on traditional stock echanges
  6. Nearly 6% have gone on to register on traditional securities exchanges and forty percent have exited through trade sales.

Here is the link to the full FORBES Magazine article.

As a further clarification the majority of these companies were either startups, early stage businesses or growth businesses. Only a handful, when they sought capital, have been companies that are hitting home runs with good turnovers and profit. These companies were seeking growth capital.

An Equity Based Funding Portal like ASSOB has the experiences, processes and track record to assist legislators and researchers wrestling with how the rules and processes should look. The founder Tony Puls has spent 27 years fine tuning the process for equity based capital raising and the findings are now fully embedded in the Capital Raising Platform.

Tony Puls, the Founder of ASSOB, is mentioned in this news broadcast from 1992 which shows how long ago he was a pioneer in equity or investor funding for small and medium sized businesses. The work he began 27 years ago is similar to the the effort people are putting in worldwide to legitimize equity or investor crowdfunding.

The Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) is the world’s largest and most successful business introduction and matching Platform or funding portal for showcasing investment opportunities in potentially high growth, unlisted companies where funding is derived in principal from friends, family, fans and followers of the business; in other words “crowdfunding”. In funding rounds above the first primary raise, private equity, professional and sophisticated investors invest following the success of businesses raising funds from their immediate contacts.

A wide range of businesses, from seed and start-up stage, to award-winning and government granted companies, as well as more established growth and expanding companies, have joined ASSOB seeking access to growth capital and a convenient forum to connect with stakeholders.

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