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A Future Capital Raising and Funding Model for Investors

Tomorrow’s Capital Raising model for raising funds and matching investors with entrepreneurs could be here!

Trickling into the mainstream are new capital raising and funding models that show us a glimpse of what the future could be.

While many crowdfunding platforms offer generous or novel prizes to entice people to “pledge” or give money to their project the examples below go a bit further.

Funders or backers here get direct access to a product by contributing via crowdfunding.

Some examples:

1) Your next three years of meat products

This company accepts investments into its herd of pigs in exchange for pork products over the next three years. Chorizo, dry sausage, pate and ham. Opportunities are also available for restaurants.

2) Your future electricity requirements

A Dutch company offers consumers a chance to own a portion of a local windmill and partake in the green energy it produces. Households can secure their energy for many years to come.

3) All the honey you can eat

A New Zealand company is offering customers to own a share of a beehive and enjoy the Manuka honey it produces.

4) Enjoy your share of a self sustaining forrest.

Investors can enjoy fresh spring water, herbs and the opportunity to hike, explore, scavenge firewood, gather wild mushrooms, work garden plots, camping and hunting.

5) Your Xmas tree.

A Norwegian company allows people to choose their own Christmas tree as it grows in the forrest and have it delivers when they want it.

All of these assist the backers to lock in future supply of products they choose by investing in a supplying entity. The entrepreneur seeking capital or funds can march forward knowing their funding is in place and they dont have to worry about getting a bank loan to cover work in progress or stock.

Crowdfunding sites started in 2009 and are rapidly moving on a path through pledging, lending and now fractional ownership or equity interests.