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How you can start now to raise the capital you need

Cover of "Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us&...

Cover of Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us


You can start today!

We’ve found that those who have raised capital on the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform (over 200) work hard to score 10 out of 10 on each of the following so that they can raise the capital they require.

1) Develop a convincing and compelling story. When someone asks you what you want the money for, what you then say makes them go “Wow” you must tell me more. Lots of pitch guides etc around and maybe you already have this bit covered.


2) Credibility and capability. For anyone that looks close there is no doubt that you have the credentials and the capability to deliver on what you are promising. Thus ensure your IP is secure, you have Board of Directors that oozes capability, you have a few milestones and the money you are asking for a share is reasonable (valuation). Would a reasonable person believe that you are going to do what you say you are planning to do.


3) Lots of Friends, Fans, Followers and find your Tribe. Build a list of all those that have shown passion towards your opportunity. Read Seth Godin‘s book “Tribes” and venture further. There will be a whole tribe of people out there that you need to find so you can tell them your story, connect with the them, lead the them in your new direction and then let your venture make changes for the better. To the tribe your “solution” answers a problem they all have had angst about.


4) Build a focussed, competent and committed team for raising the capital. This includes your Board, Accountant, Lawyer, PR Person and Graphic Designer. Once you start getting in front of prospective investors you need all these people to be talking and delivering support material that is all on the same page.


5) Build Events to tell your story. Meaning lunches, facility visits, investor meetings and other channels to build up the buzz about what you are seeking to achieve. Get people talking. Build Social Proof.


6) Maintain a high level of energy, passion and teamwork.


If you get say 55 out of 60 above you will find your seed capital because energy, forward motion and Social Proof is infectious. Not sure where you are based but if you were in Australia you would be able to utilise the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform to do this as it focusses specifically on shepherding people through a successful raising by focussing on the 6 points above.

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