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Raising Capital with ASSOB & Walker\’s Product Launch Formula

PLF Live! Paul Niederer ASSOB's CEO and Jeff Walker

Two years ago we added Product Launch Formula to the ASSOB Raising Capital Platform. The results are clear to be seen. Two years ago some matters listed on the platform raised no capital at all. Now if you look at the ASSOB platform virtually every matter has raised capital.

This has enabled ASSOB to have a proven, replicable process to facilitate raising venture funding for small businesses.

Jeff has just hosted PLF Live! Where 450 devotees workshopped over 3 days. The ASSOB Capital Raising Platform will receive the benefit of these learnings. Raising Venture Funding is a process.

A good definition came out of discussions and applied to ASSOB. It covers the essential commitment the parties raising capital need to make.

“The ASSOB Capital Raising Platform gets the party seeking funds to emotionally and intellectually engage in a future result thats good for them and gets them to take the necessary actions to achieve it”

The venture, seeking funding, travels through the ASSOB process in a sequence of pre-determined steps that are proven to raise capital if the “issuers”, sponsors and ASSOB are emotionally and intellectually committed to the process.

Some of the steps are:

  1. Pending: (Docs and Platform being completed for raising capital)
  2. Preview: (Details but no Offer Document yet ready to raise capital)
  3. Discovery: (Sleeves rolled up planning and gaining emotional and intellectual committment for capital raising)
  4. Early Bird / VIP: (Offer Doc ready, meetings and promotion start for raising capital)
  5. Pre-Live (Social Proof and media stage to enhance venture funding)
  6. Live (Broadening beyond the inner circle of those initially funding the venture)

Several “Social Proof” enhancements are being added to the platform after PLF Live!

To most, raising equity capital for their business is daunting. ASSOB makes Raising Equity Capital for small business funding simple. It is a proven series of steps and processes that need to be committed to for success. It is a team effort. ASSOB, the ASSOB sponsor and the entity seeking capital or funding.

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