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Naming Your Startup Well Can Assist Capital Raising

Great article here about naming your StartUp.

Maybe you spotted in the new “FaceBook” movie “The Social Network” that magic moment when the guy that founded Napster said … mmm drop the ‘the’ from “The Facebook” and just call it “Facebook”.


From that moment on the new name was etched in stone.

I’ve summarised the main points below but before diving in to it … have a check first to see if the name you have top of mind before reading the article is still available.

Check your name here … http://namechk.com/

The 18 Mutable Suggestions Of Startup Naming

1. Make sure it’s legal!

2. Hint At What You Do:

3. Make it easy to remember:

4. Make it unambiguous when spoken:

5. Make it unambiguous in Google:

6. Start early in the alphabet.

7. The “.com” has to be “gettable”.

8. The twitter handle has to be available.

9. The facebook page should be available:

10. Keep it short.

11. Don’t leave out vowels or add punctuation.

12. Try to get your main keyword into the name.

13. Start with an uppercase letter.

14. Don’t name your company after yourself.

15. Don’t Use An Acronym:

16. Have a story.

17. Pay attention to character sequences in multi-word names:

18. Seek timeless instead of trendy:

Now … how good is your name now?

It’s well worth reading the full article at the OnStartups.com blog as each of the above points is explained in detail.

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