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Easyfood, ASSOB and Jessica Watson

It’s always good when a company that is on ASSOB shares international media attention. Along with lots of other celebrities Paul Grogan, Easyfood Managing Director was interviewed by Channel 10 as Jessica sailed into Sydney Harbour.

Congratulations Jessica Watson on becoming youngest person ever to sail solo and unassisted around the world. Well done Easyfood on supporting Jessica Watson and providing such a nutritious and enjoyable meal selection for Jessica.

From Jessica’s own blog she writes …

“With a lot of help and advice from other sailors and from Gray Slater a dietitian from the University of the Sunshine Coast, I ended up with a pretty good diet that’s amazingly close to normal food. My main meals are range of about 10 different meals called Easyfood which is pretty amazing, tasty stuff that only needs to be heated and lasts on the shelf for 18 months.”

“I’ll see if I can remember to tell you more about what I’m eating as we go, tonight, I’m planning to have Easyfood lamb chops (they are so nice!)with deb (mashed potato) and asparagus.”

Paul Grogan, Easyfood CEO explains “Our meals are fully cooked. They only need a few minutes in the microwave. And then they can be consumed. One of the biggest contracts that Easyfood has completed was the 2008 World Youth Day in Sydney when Pope Benedict came out … At that occasion we fed close on 200,000 people each night, four nights in a row, using our ready meals.”

Easyfood can be found on ASSOB.

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