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Adapting Investor Presentations to Funders

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In the current climate attracting investors is a very competitive undertaking.

But there are things you can do to be more competitive.

For every business seeking capital there are lots of others with similar risk profiles and opportunity. It also doesn’t make things easier when many investors tend more to the speculator end of the spectrum and have no real interest in long-term company fundamentals. They just want to make money from short-term price movements.

If you are part of a process like the ASSOB Capital Raising Platform then marketing, one of the 5 Timelines an ASSOB matter travels, will be carefully mapped out as an essential part of the process.

Marketing theory and practice are essential tools to use to effectively raise capital or to obtain venture funding. For a company that is raising funds in the private equity space it needs to:

  1. Through a “Discovery Meeting” with the founders the most appropriate source of funding for the company needs to be determined. No point wasting time chasing funds from sources that are not appropriate.
  2. The company then needs to adapt its elevator pitch, investment summary and offer document to ensure that each funder or investor is met with a presentation that matches what the investors values and what the investor is seeking.
  3. The company needs to clearly show that it has the ability to deliver on the promises it makes in the documentation it communicates to prospective funders and investors.

The easiest way to do this for a large mailing list of prospective investors is to use the “Avatar” approach detailed here.

Family and friends are well aware of how the approach from the entrepreneur is specially tailoured for them. Often though the entrepreneur doesn’t use the same creativity for funding sources outside of the family. That is why a proven capital raising platform can be so effective in early stage venture funding.

To take full advantage of its funding sources a company needs to make the most of sound marketing practices. With sound marketing, especially when coupled with an independent, proven and transparent capital raising platform the chances of success increase considerably.

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