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Paul Niederer, the author of this blog is C.E.O. of the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board commonly known as ASSOB. This organisation has been very successful at assisting start-ups and growing companies to raise equity capital. New ‘listings’ are taken through an effective and proven capital raising process.For those that want to keep control of their business and raise capital by rolling their sleeves up then ASSOB is here to assist you. You can contact the writer at paul AT assob.com.au or by ringing our national capital raising number 1300 722 954 and asking for Paul. We have a network of ASSOB Sponsors nationwide to assist you.

In order for a company to list on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) it must first engage the services of an accredited ASSOB Sponsor. Sponsors are sometimes sole operators however many are larger organisations that have recognised the financial benefit of having a number of trained and accredited ASSOB Sponsors bringing in added revenue to their firm.

You can find Paul on Google+, Linkedin and Twitter